Do I love my country? Yes I Do.

But South Korea is calling me. Sigh, Why is it when I start thinking about my Fulbright application my brain turns to glue? I hope I remember to call about an adviser. I hope I get to see the country one day. International affairs, I'm still on the fence. No one cares about soft power? No one?


One of these days, I'm going to take those hundreds of papers and notebooks and outlines and weave together into something coherent, even if it's only ten pages long. jesaray + writing stories = epic fail. I won't even go into my word count for nanowrimo last year....
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Lo, Brave New World

Let's see... I've been on LJ... a long time, and this is my first livejournal, ever. Not first post mind you, I'm not that much of a lurker. A word that makes me feel guilty by the way, 'lurker.'  While a lot of communities look down on it (with good reason) I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with being a silent reader, but I can understand the desire for feedback, in any form. And then you start thinking, well what keeps me from hitting that 'Reply' button? Apathy, shyness, procrastination? In my case, probably all three. And those three traits are all aspects of my personality I've sworn to stomp out - you always start rethinking things when entering a new phase of your life, particularly when preparing to spend thousands of dollars on grad school. So, a few things:

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